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Arte.doc is a translation company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, that offers translation services not only in Sofia and throughout Bulgaria, but worldwide. We are the expert in Bulgarian you need.

We are proficient in performing complete language translation services that fulfill our customers’ needs and meet their requirements. We offer our language services in translation, interpreting, localization, interpreting, post-editing and desktop publishing (DTP).

What are the translation services we offer?

Specialty Applications

The scope of our services includes translation of a wide range of topics on a daily basis. For each of these particular fields we have an expert, ensuring the level of professionalism required for each topic. We have specialized on several specialist subject areas.


We translate documents to a professional standard – and we're fast. We provide you an accurate translation from a professional and qualified translator. We are precise and we maintain the quality of our translation services, always following the specific requirements and instructions of our clients.

Personal & Government

With our help you can easy localize any document. In addition, translation services for government required documents include Certification and Notarization. We also offer legalization of your documents at “Consular Relations” Directorate at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria.


We provide localization service which involves the modification of the product so that it meets your needs and requirements. The process of localization goes through several stages, which include translation, design and adaptation. We work on localization projects from various fields like internet technology, economics, accounting, engineering, medicine etc.

Quality assurance

Providing highest quality in our translation services is our main objective. Every activity we perform is focused on quality. Accordant to that, since 2007 we are certified with ISO 9001 standards. The translations we perform are also in accordance with the EN 15038 standard "Translation Services. Service Requirements." Our company guarantees for quality in translation services – terminological precision, appropriate tone, accurate and comprehensive vocabulary.


We provide interpreting for formal or informal occasions like business conferences, business negotiations, lecturing, training or presentations. Our professionals follow strict ethic code which guarantees that the confidentiality of assignment remains intact. We provide consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, legally certified interpreting, dubbing and telephone interpreting.


Our translation company is experienced in proofreading and editing provides light or full post-editing. Light post-editing aims at providing understandable information while full post-editing ensures that the project has the quality of any published text. What is important in both of these processes is that the edited text has every specification of a human translation.

Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing (DTP) is another service we provide. We offer preparation of print-ready final documents with the needed quality of design, layout and imagery to match the translation itself. At the same time, the desktop publishing services can be really time-effective for you. Our experts are experienced in working with every major alphabet, including non-romance languages.

Why choosing our translation services?

Powered by people

Our company’s most valued resource is our solid team of experienced and dedicated translators and editors.

To ensure the smooth operating of this foundation of our translation company, we try to create the ideal working environment for our employees.


We’ve made our main objective to consistently develop our opportunities and abilities.

That is why we’re permanently exerting cutting edge technologies, exploring modern practices and creating innovative solutions for our translation services.


The execution of our translation services is led by the basic principle that every project we take is of equal importance, no matter small or big.

We do not just make pretence of offering quality services – we permanently pursuit quality.

National Social Security Institute

All translations provided by arte.doc are of highest quality.

... Teodora Noncheva, Director

Low cost translations

If your translation budget is limited you can contact us to discuss the project and make you the best available offer.

Discounts and monthly offers

We appreciate our loyal customers, so every month we prepare different offers and discounts for you. For more details you can contact us by phone or email. Documents over 30 pages have a 10% discount.


Work with us, find freelance opportunities and work on inspiring projects. If you have the necessary skills and experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who are we serving ?

We provide translation services to small businesses, corporations, government agencies, European institutions and the general public with translation experts at hand for every demand.

Our translation services are available twenty-four hours and our experts are always ready to step in for an interpretation or translation.

Contact Info

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mobile: +359 8944 27 109, FAX: +359 2 980 01 34
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