Happy Belgian National Day!

On the 21st of July every year, Belgian National Day is celebrated! It marks the anniversary of the investiture of Leopold I as the first King of the Belgians in 1831.

We wish all of our Belgian partners and clients Happy National Day from the entire arte.doc team!

Arte.Doc supports World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. For yet another year, we at arte.doc support a charity to help people with autism.

This year we joined the cause "I Help", organized by the association "Autism Today" Bulgaria, with the support of BNI Bulgaria DIAMOND.

The campaign aims to raise funds for the continuation of the construction of three new centers for highly qualified therapeutic care for children with autism in Bulgaria, in the cities - Burgas, Vratsa, and a second center in Sofia. Today there are only two active centers in Bulgaria, which are located in Sofia and Pleven.

Support is provided by purchasing T-shirts "I Help" from the association.
The funds raised from the sale of the T-shirts will help build the three new therapy centers and help more children with autism get the care they need.

All of us, even with small actions, can help make life easier for children with autism and their parents!


Bulgarian translation agency arte.doc supports world autism awareness day



Happy 1st of March!

Happy 1st of March, or as we say in Bulgaria - Happy Baba Marta!

Baba Marta is an ancient Bulgarian tradition, which we celebrate on the 1st of March by giving each other a bracelet or a decorative pin, called martenichka, made out of red and white wool threads. The bracelet/pin is worn until the wearer sees a blooming tree or a stork. At that point the bracelet is hung in the blooming tree and the wearer makes a wish.

We wish you good health and lots of happiness!

The arte.doc team

Happy 1st of March from Bulgarian translation agency arte.doc

Happy New 2021!

Happy New Year!

We wish you, your colleagues, and your families health, happiness and success during 2021.

We start the year off with our new calendars, created by the skillful young Bulgarian designer Aleksandra Djodjeva.

ArteDoc wishes you happy new year


BNI Bulgaria - a new start

In December 2020, arte.doc joined BNI Bulgaria (Business Networking International). We believe that being part of such a fantastic group of like-minded people that share the same goal of growth and success, will help us overcome the challenges we all face in 2021.

BNI Bulgaria and Bulgarian translation agency Arte.Doc



Member of ELIA for the 9th year

We are proud to be members of ELIA (European Language Industry Association) for another year!

We believe in ELIA's goals of sharing knowledge and experiences that help us and other translation companies grow and improve the quality of services.

ELIA certificate translation agency artedoc 2021



Arte.doc and Rotary — a long-term successful partnership

The members of Rotary International deserve to be proud that they work for the oldest non-profit organisation in the world, uniting people from different nationalities and cultures in the name of a common goal — selfless service for the well-being of people and spreading peace and good intentions all over the world.

Today Rotary International includes more than 34 300 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical regions and is a global network of business and profession leaders. The Rotary members have chosen to dedicate voluntarily their time and competences to serve their communities and the world through providing humanitarian aid, applying and spreading high ethical standards in all professions and supporting the ideal of serving the community as a worthy initiative.

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Challenges and specificities of translation from Arabic

Arabic language is official in 26 countries, spoken by around 240 million people all over the world and is the second language of 50 million more. Being so peculiar and unusual to Europeans, it is considered one of the most ancient and mysterious languages.

Translations from Arabic used to be made relatively early. According to different sources one of the first evidence of that dates back to as early as the 7th century, and the period between the 8th and 13th century was marked by a real bloom in the translation of various Arabic texts. The science of Arabic translations developed in quite a specific way. A huge volume of works were translated, however the Muslims hesitated with translating their main book – the Quran – because it was forbidden to read it in any other language. It was not until the 12th century that the Quran was translated into Latin for the first time, and later on – into Italian, French and Russian.
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Challenges and specificities of translation from Japanese

Japanese is a living reflection of the nature of this ancient Asian culture. The sensorial perception of the world and the avoidance of dull logical explanations based on detailed clarifications and quantitative data is transformed into the distinctive brevity and reserve of the speech. Silence and pauses are perceived as virtues and are preferred to the frequent use of adjectives, and the main point of an expression is found in its context.
Often when translating from and to Japanese, it is recommended to avoid literal interpretation. Of course, this is not valid for all kinds of texts, especially legal ones, but even those are about 50% more compact than legal documents drawn up in Bulgarian.
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Interpreting is a responsible and complicated task. The interpreter must instantly choose the appropriate words and has no right of mistakes. That is why the successful interpretation requires great experience, solid knowledge in the field of the topic and skilful handling of the vocabulary that would reflect right the cultural characteristics of the target language.

There are two types of interpretation – synchronized simultaneous interpretation and consecutive successive interpretation.
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Today is World Autism Awareness Day. For yet another year, we at arte.doc support a charity to help...

Happy 1st of March, or as we say in Bulgaria - Happy Baba Marta! Baba Marta is an ancient...

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