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Since February 2010 arte.doc's quality control system is certified by BUREAU VERITAS. With this certificate we are under an obligation to you, our clients, to perform the services we offer with the highest quality possible and constantly to improve our work. Read more ...

Quality control system compliant to БДС EN 15038:2006

The quality control system used in arte.doc meets all requirements for translation services as pointed out in the European standard БДС EN 15038:2006 “Translation Services. Service Requirements.”, which sets the requirements for the quality of the service written translation. Read more ...


In the first month of the second quarter of the year we continued to implement our translation policy in a targeted manner in various areas. For us the topic and size of a project do not matter so much, since we pay due attention both to smaller and to more sizeable tasks our clients have given us to do. A quality implementation of orders within the set deadline is an unalterable imperative in our work.
Here is a sample of the more significant projects which the agency implemented in April:
• Client agreements and other company documentation, translated from English into Bulgarian, of the American-based company MIX.
• An extensive presentation, translated from English into Bulgarian, of the activities of the Web and Events company and a detailed presentation of its Software as a Service product.
• Translation from German into Bulgarian of company documentation of the German Medical Alliance GmbH.
As usual during this month we received extensive positive feedback from our clients regarding the quality of the services we provide. We value highly feedback from our clients because this information helps us to improve continuously the quality of our services. Each month we hold special meetings where feedback collected from clients is subjected to thorough analysis and comments. This is done in order not only to give our team's fruitful efforts their due but also to arrive at conclusions and learn lessons which would be useful in our day-to-day work.


  • Translation for the Ministry of Culture from English into Bulgarian of a programme entitled "Conserving Museum Collections in a Repository. Pilot Project: Searching for National or Sub-regional Partnerships" — 25 pages
  • Translation of legal documentation for a law firm from English and Italian into Bulgarian — 90 pages
  • Translation of technical documentation (user manuals and instructions for use) for a Hungarian company from German into Bulgarian — 110 pages
  • Translation for a French company of documentation on medical preparations, equipment and supplies from English and French into Bulgarian — 55 pages
If you need a translation done by a professional from and into various language combinations at competitive market prices, do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you a price quotation that is specifically matched to your order.


Here we present to you a selection of some projects we completed at the height of summer:
  •  Translation of a "Management Plan for the Old Town of Nessebar" for the Ministry of Culture — 30 pages
  •  Translation of product descriptions and specifications for a Bulgarian foreign trading company — from Bulgarian into English — 71 pages
  •  Translation for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of a questionnaire on the gradual transition from informal to formal economy — 30 pages
  •  Translation of documentation for Sofia Airport from Bulgarian into Greek — 90 pages
Among our clients there are national and international institutions and companies from the public and private sector and we have been working for many years with the majority of them. They are convinced in our capabilities and know that in us they have a thoroughly reliable partner. You can also trust us!


Below we present to you several of our translation projects which were successfully completed in July:
  •  Translation of "Inventories/lists/registers of cultural and natural heritage" for the Ministry of Culture from English into Bulgarian — 1035 pages
  •  Translation of "Data for a world cultural and natural heritage site" for the Ministry of Culture from English into Bulgarian — 81 pages
  •  Translation of "Information on the conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights at the Council of Europe for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy from English into Bulgarian — 20 pages
  •  Translation of a dossier of contracts for employment abroad from Slovakian into Bulgarian for an international staffing company — 60 pages
  •  Translation of health-related documentation for the National Social Security Institute from Finnish into Bulgarian — 80 pages
We draw your attention to the wide variety of language services performed by proven specialists with guaranteed quality. You can trust our long-standing experience and find out for yourself the possibilities of our fruitful joint cooperation if you become our clients.


The adopted internal rules on work organisation of the agency and the established company quality assurance and control system are of key importance in our work. All final texts undergo a mandatory detailed assessment for translation quality, language culture and correct spelling, complying with the deadline and formatting, and only then are delivered to the client.
Some of the more significant projects we implemented in June:
• Translation from English into Bulgarian of specialised medical research and guidelines of the Cyprus-based company Cyprus Surrogacy

• Translation from French into Bulgarian of a regulation by the Flemish government on biological production and labeling of biological products
• Translation from German into Bulgarian of a Planning Manual of ASFiNAG
• Translation of 150 pages from Bulgarian into English concerning the Eleventh National Report for the period from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2011, presented by the government of the Republic of Bulgaria before the Council of Europe pursuant to the European Social Charter
• Translation from English into Bulgarian of "Review of Standards and Provisions Related to Road Safety Planning. Guidelines to Improve Bulgarian Planning Standards and Provisions" – 45 pages
Our many clients work in various areas and because of this we strive to enrich continuously our diverse experience. We have the necessary human and technical resources in order to implement with high quality any task from any given field: from various areas of policy through industry, ecology, agriculture, medicine and biology to art, culture and education, philosophy and literature.


This month saw us open yet another office of the company, enter new market segments and fill our client list with new contracting parties. Thanks to the fact that our company has a qualified team with long-standing professional experience, we were able to complete large projects within the deadline and with excellent quality.
Here is a sample of these projects:
• Translation of specialised scientific publications from English into Bulgarian on the topic "Contemporary Directions in Psychological Sciences" published by Blackwell Publishing.
• Translation of specialised documentation from Romanian into Bulgarian of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism of Romania.
• Translation from English into Bulgarian of a 100-page report on the topic "Measures to Improve Black Spots" commissioned by the Road Infrastructure Agency.
We implement the contracted tasks with our habitual loyalty and propriety. The earned trust in the company and the positive feedback regarding its work are due to our demonstrated propriety and the proven capacities of our highly qualified staff.


We are pleased to present you with some of the important projects completed successfully by our experienced and motivated staff in the past month:

• Transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin of names of companies and public and private organizations and institutions for the Council of Ministers — 400 pages.
• Translation from Bulgarian to English of the tourism Act — 60 pages.
• Translation for a project for conservation of historical and cultural monuments in the area of the town of Nessebar — 32 pages.
• Translation from English and French to Bulgarian of documentation for law firm — 35 pages.

These examples of our work illustrate our ability to provide a wide range of language services and language pairs, so that you can trust your translation orders with our specialists. arte.doc guarantees the provision of services and solutions that meet your needs.

Contact us and we'll give you a free consultation and competitive offer for your inquiry.


The holidays are over and we started the new year fresh and recharged with power and enthusiasm, willing to be even better than last year. Here is a small but meaningful part of our work in the first month of 2013:

• Translation commissioned by the Bulgarian Energy Holding from Bulgarian into English concerning a project in the field of gas pipeline infrastructure — 150 pages. Read more ...
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