Let’s help refugee children and their mothers

Arte.doc, Translation and Localization Company, together with the Union of Refugee Women in Bulgaria, launches a campaign to collect object donations that can make life easier for refugees and will be useful in adapting to the conditions of life in our country.

Within a month everyone can donate at our office on "Alexander Zhendov " № 6 household items ( dishes, cutlery and small appliances) , which will then be distributed to the needy.

More information can be obtained from our colleague Rafaela Petkova, who is the coordinator of the campaign in our country, mobile: 0899339608, e -mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Be generous and honorable and help those in trouble!

Arte.doc donated books for the school library of " Savo Ts. Savov " school in Pirdop

Arte.doc, Translation and Localization Company, donated to the secondary school " Savo Ts. Savov " in Pirdop, more than 400 books collected by colleagues , translators and supporters for the beginning of the new school year within a book collecting campaign held together with the " Together in Class" Foundation.

We participated in this project in order to show that Bulgarian companies support such initiatives because they improve the quality of education, and that they can cooperate closely with NGOs.

You can find an additional information about the event on our facebook.

Translation and Localization Company Arte.doc to support the Open Eyes campaign

It's been several months since Translation and Localization Company Arte.doc joined actively in the Open Eyes campaign. The campaign sticker which says "Service dogs and their owners are always welcome HERE" and an image of the four-legged companion of people with visual impairments can be seen on the doors of all agency offices.

We can say with satisfaction that we will continue to support the campaign in the new 2013 in order to contribute to facilitating the access to public places of people with visual impairments, accompanied by their service dogs.

A special recent survey also highlighted the need of greater societal understanding in order to solve the problem. According to the data of the survey about a quarter of the people in our country are not aware that people with visual impairments, accompanied by their service dogs, have the right to enter public or private institutions together with their four-legged companion.

And if everyone contributes with what they can to facilitate the access of service dogs, the urban environment will offer better conditions to their visually impaired owners and will make their everyday life easier.

arte.doc supports the global social project Wheelmap

arte.doc supports the global social project Wheelmap
Translation and Localization Company arte.doc supported Wheelmap, the global project for marking wheelchair accessible places by delivering a free translation to Bulgarian.

This way Bulgaria joined the global project, designed to help persons using wheelchairs or with impaired mobility. On the website www.wheelmap.org anyone can easily find locations and places and mark their accessibility level for persons in wheelchairs using traffic lights system (using green, yellow or red colour).

Hug hour

Hug hour
Dear friends,
We would like to thank everyone who joined us in this noble initiative!

The "Hug Hour" initiative was held with the support of Translation and Localization Company arte.doc. We would like to thank to all the volunteers who selflessly gave some of their time and care on that beautiful Saturday. Our charitable initiative's goal was to help "Hope for us — 2008" Foundation for gathering funds for the second phase of the "Hug Hour" project, carried out in the House for Children Deprived of Parental Care "Assen Zlatarov" in Vratsa. Pictures from the event.

Supporting the young athletes from “Ice Blade” FSSC

Translation and Localization Company arte.doc donated funds and proudly supports its friends from "Ice Blade" FSSC in their endeavour for making figure skating a mass and popular sport in Bulgaria.

We share this idea and see figure skating not only as a sport but also as a simple way to have fun, available to anyone who is willing to combine training with their other activities (job, school).

Arte.doc wishes the club a lot of success in encouraging more and more young people to lead healthier, fulfilled and happy life.

Social Responsibility

Our attitude towards society is based on consistent corporate social responsibility. Some of the bases of our concept are coordinating our work with environment-friendly initiatives through a responsible eco-policy and supporting Bulgarian education, culture and young talents. Expanding the scope of our activities beyond economic ones and including social activities is a way to express our commitment to society. Read more ...
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