Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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The team of arte.doc Translation and Localization Company wishes you a good time during the Christmas and New Year holidays! We wish you health, many successes in your work and life and lots of smiles in the incoming 2013!

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NEW MARKETING MASTERCLASS with David Scott in Sofia, Bulgaria

On November 8th, representatives of Translation and Localization Company arte.doc attended the seminar NEW MARKETING MASTERCLASS, lectured by David Scott – one of the most prominent marketing, public relations and online advertising world experts.
David Scott is a leading lector in the field of social media and company marketing on conferences all over the world.
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November 1st – Day of Bulgarian enlighteners

The Day of Bulgarian enlighteners – November 1st – is one of the brightest dates in Bulgarian holiday calendar.

It was first celebrated in 1909 in Plovdiv, and later in the entire country. In the years 1922–1945 this day of remembrance and gratitude was celebrated officially as a nation-wide holiday, honoring the national self-awareness and spiritual upliftment of the Bulgarian people.

After a nearly half-century discontinuation, celebrating November 1st was renewed in 1992. Today, November 1st is not only a day to honor Bulgarian enlighteners, bookmen, advocates of the Bulgarian revival and builders of modern Bulgaria. It should be a day to think how much is our social conscience enlightened for the moral virtues and fundamental values of the Bulgarian left to us by our ancestors.


On September 29th 2012 employees of Translation and Localization Company arte.doc attended a seminar on advertising in internet and the ways to attract new clients, held by eTel Ltd in Vitosha Park Hotel. Key steps to be followed when presenting products and services in virtual environment were discussed during the panels, as well as the main rules for achieving better visibility and successful realization.
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Since 2001, September 26 has been dedicated to celebrating the European languages, with a view to language diversity that Europe holds: 23 official languages and over 60 local communities speaking a regional or minority language, along with the languages, spoken by citizens coming from other countries and continents. The main goals of celebrating the European Day of Languages is to increase the citizens' awareness regarding the multilingualism in Europe, the cultural and language diversity development, and the promoting of foreign language learning both in and out of school.
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On November 08, 2012 in the most trendy business center "Rainbow Plaza", Sofia, David Meerman Scott – the world leader in online communications and viral marketing strategies will present the new rules in marketing, PR and sales. His book "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" introduces the professionals in the field and the public to the new reality that the global network has imposed on marketing and public relations. Six months in the BusinessWeek bestseller list and published in 26 languages from Bulgarian to Vietnamese, the book's second edition is a modern classic in business.
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Day of Sofia — 17 September

Today the Orthodox Church commemorates the holy martyrs Sofia, Vyara, Nadezhda and Lyubov who died a martyr's death in the name of their fate in Christ in 126 during the reign of the Roman emperor Adrian (117—138).
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By virtue of the Berlin Treaty of 1878 the Bulgarian ethnic community was fragmented and areas with predominantly Bulgarian population were left beyond the borders of the country. Southern Bulgaria which was named Eastern Rumelia by request of English diplomats was separated from the revived Bulgarian state (then called the Principality of Bulgaria) and was included once more in the Ottoman Empire as an autonomous area.
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For Book Lovers

Translation and Localization Company arte.doc is proud to present Pavel Kandilarov' s new novel "Post Соц Dot Com". The book takes the reader in the middle of an intriguing story about the life of three generations before and after 1989. The characters captivate with their diverse nature, with the struggles, the dreams, the doubts and the desires they go through the ups and down of their lives, all backgrounded by a crime story. The book manages to realistically convey the times of tempestuous changes, which bring up memories and nostalgia in all of us, inciting us to feel the characters' emotions and to think about where is our place in the modern world.

You can find and purchase the book in the distribution network and arte.doc's offices at a price of 15 lv.

We highly recommend it – it won' disappoint you!


On 12.07.2012 Translation and Localization Company arte.doc had a bowling tournament with participation by representatives of all company offices.

The contestants were driven in advance not only by the desire to win the medals, but also by the management's promise to stand on the pins' place if someone manages to hit all 10 pins at once – to achieve the so-called "strike". Read more ...
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