Workshop of DG Translation of the European Commission

On 5.12.2013 employees of Arte.doc Translation and Legalization Agency attended a workshop organized by the Bulgarian language department of the Directorate General for Translation of the European Commission.

The workshop was carried out at the EC Representation in Bulgaria and focused on translation quality requirements, specificities of the work process and coordination with external contractors.

The useful information and practical examples presented at the workshop will undoubtedly help us improve our work even further and align our operational practices with the European ones.

September 26 – The European Day of Languages

Since 2001, September 26 is dedicated to the celebration of European languages.

In order to increase citizens' awareness of multilingualism in Europe, to develop the cultural and linguistic diversity and to promote language learning in and out of school, in 2001 the European Union and the Council of Europe decide to start and announce the initiative called European Year of Languages.

Europe has a real language treasure: 24 official languages and more than 60 local communities who speak a regional or minority language, and also the languages spoken by people of non-European origin and coming from other continents.

Happy 1st of March!

On this day we celebrate the coming of spring after the long winter. We give each other martenitsas to be pinned on clothes or tied on wrists as a charm for good health and happiness. This is an ancient Balkan tradition which goes back to the times when khans adorned their warriors with threads of red and white colour in order to give them strength and good health. This beautiful gift brings a smile, a feeling of joy and rejuvenates the wearer.

We wish you good health, happiness and abundant success!

The team of Arte.doc


On this day (19 February according to the Julian calendar) Bulgaria and Bulgarians in various parts of the world celebrate their national holiday — the liberation from the Ottoman rule. Bulgaria, one of the oldest states in Europe, a country that during the centuries contributed the most to the cultural and political development of the Slavic people in Southeastern Europe and the cradle of the two Slavic alphabets, disappeared from the historical map in 1396 when it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks .

For nearly 5 centuries the Bulgarian people lived in isolation and oppression. Nevertheless, it survived and succeeded in conserving its spiritual and cultural achievements from the past through the centuries. What's more – it successfully developed them further, created new ones and conserved its national consciousness among the other peoples within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire.
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The fifth edition of the seminar for successful internet marketing with zero initial investment held on January 31st was yet another event we joined. Translation and Localization Company arte.doc was also one of the official sponsors of the venue. We attended with great interest to all presentations in Inter Expo Center's conference hall and we already have ideas how to implement what we learned during the seminar.

We will continue, as we have done so far, to create content for our websites and pages in social networks that is useful to all our clients. We also hope that each positive change will bring us closer to you and help you make an informed and confident choice when it comes to translation services.


As a partner to the organizer of the seminar Web & Events our company had a minilottery for two free passes for the fifth edition of Eventex Seminar 2013, held on February 6th—7th in Inter Expo Center in Sofia.

On our Facebook pages in English and Bulgarian all our clients, partners and friends had the opportunity to enter the lottery and try their luck for the winning of the passes for the seminar which provided valuable information on the latest trends and developments in the event industry.
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Psy's "Gangnam style" was viewed more than 1 000 000 000 times in YouTube. Felix Baumgartner jumped with a parachute from the stratosphere with speed faster than sound.
Google announced some record-breaking figures for the last year — 1.2 trillion searches on 146 languages.
The end of the world didn't come... although many awaited for it locked and stocked.
Well, something else did come — the total smoking ban in public places in Bulgaria.
And so on... Well, Translation and Localization Agency arte.doc has some statistics of its own. This is how we sent 2012:
• 57 765 translated pages
• 1230 hours of interpretation
• 6 837 orders processed
• 5 contracts with major Bulgarian and international institutions after tenders
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear clients,

The team of arte.doc Translation and Localization Company wishes you a good time during the Christmas and New Year holidays! We wish you health, many successes in your work and life and lots of smiles in the incoming 2013!

arte.doc team

NEW MARKETING MASTERCLASS with David Scott in Sofia, Bulgaria

On November 8th, representatives of Translation and Localization Company arte.doc attended the seminar NEW MARKETING MASTERCLASS, lectured by David Scott – one of the most prominent marketing, public relations and online advertising world experts.
David Scott is a leading lector in the field of social media and company marketing on conferences all over the world.
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November 1st – Day of Bulgarian enlighteners

The Day of Bulgarian enlighteners – November 1st – is one of the brightest dates in Bulgarian holiday calendar.

It was first celebrated in 1909 in Plovdiv, and later in the entire country. In the years 1922–1945 this day of remembrance and gratitude was celebrated officially as a nation-wide holiday, honoring the national self-awareness and spiritual upliftment of the Bulgarian people.

After a nearly half-century discontinuation, celebrating November 1st was renewed in 1992. Today, November 1st is not only a day to honor Bulgarian enlighteners, bookmen, advocates of the Bulgarian revival and builders of modern Bulgaria. It should be a day to think how much is our social conscience enlightened for the moral virtues and fundamental values of the Bulgarian left to us by our ancestors.
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