Thoughts on translation of literary / fiction texts

Thoughts on translation of literary / fiction texts
The first thing there is to know about translation of literary/fiction texts is that unlike the technical or legal or any other specialized translation it needs interpretation. The translators of arte.doc follow some of the basic requirements for crafting a corresponding translation — preserving the interdependence between narrative and description and the stylistic characteristics of the source text. Our editors as part of our quality control system also have an important role in the implementation of such projects — they do the final shaping of the texts. The translators which we entrust with these types of documents are well grounded with the languages they translate from and to, as well as with their nuances and capabilities. They have the necessary imaginative approach and literary cultural expertise for completing that type of tasks.

One of our projects for March was exactly such a translation. Translators of arte.doc worked on scripts for tv series for one of the most beloved child characters. These texts were not only imagination-demanding, but also had a specific terminology, which required creativity in translation of words, specially invented for the text.

The Cyrillic alphabet — the foundation of the Bulgarian culture and identity

The Cyrillic alphabet — the foundation of the Bulgarian culture and identity
The Cyrillic alphabet may be something new to the European Union, but it's a significant part of Europe's medieval history. Dating back to the time of the First Bulgarian Kingdom, the Cyrillic alphabet has been the main instrument of the religious and thus the political independence of the Bulgarians. While European Christianity had already been split between Catholicism and Orthodoxy, Bulgaria was just officially converted to Christianity. As a new character on this restless religious stage, Bulgaria's strategy was to keep its political and national identity and independence but to do that it needed to overcome the ambitions of both Rome and the Byzantine empire of politically aligning it through Catholicism or Orthodox Christianity. Read more ...

The client guide

The client guide
Communication is said to be a powerful tool. That applies to translation process too. But the first phase of this process where communication plays key role, is in the initial contacts between the client and the translation agency they turned to with a project. Here are some basic questions that the clients need to answer before the translation itself begins (the job of the translation team would be much more facilitated, if they have that information, so even if they don't ask, tell them):
Read more ...

A few words on the translation of legal documentation

In a world so globalized and business integrated, the systems of law are becoming more and more conventional. That's why the translation of legal documentation has increased its significance. Read more ...

Documents legalization — what should you know about it

In the majority of cases for a document to be accepted as official and valid abroad, it needs to be legalized first. At the same time not many people are aware of the legalization requirements and waste a lot of time in search for information.

Arte.doc offers free over the phone consultations in relation to the legalization of documents and this way helps saving a lot of time and trouble to the people decided to travel abroad with their legalized documents and those who need to submit a foreign document before Bulgarian authorities in order to certify significant facts of their life. Read more ...

Occupation:Translator / Interpreter

"Translator / Interpreter" occupation – myths and truths

"Translator" occupation is one of the most popular occupations in the world. We can see interpreters on the television and on any international meeting, or we can read translators' texts. These people are always in the background thus many of us have the wrong idea about their job.
You would like to work as a translator/interpreter? Before you make a final decision we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a few myths about their job. Read more ...

About the Olympics

• In Antiquity, the Olympic Games were celebrated as a religious festival from 776 B.C. until 393 A.D., when Theodosius I banned them because they were associated with paganism (the games celebrated the Greek god Zeus). The first modern Olympic Games (summer) were held in 1896 (again in Greece) after the French educator Baron Pierre de Coubertin proposed the revival of the ancient tradition. The first winter Olympic Games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France.
Read more ...

Arte.doc is part of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Since 2014 we have been members of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the core of our work are the principles of the association for ethical and socially responsible businesses, especially when it comes to taking care of our employees, as well as taking care of our society and planet.

BTPP certificate arte.doc 2021

Two unforgettable days at the pearl of Pirin

At the end of last week the team of Arte.doc spent two wonderful, sunny and joyful days at the pearl of Pirin Mountain — the town of Bansko. The latest teambuilding event was carried out there, this time entitled "Relax", organised by the management of the agency and its Advertising Department.

The visit to the St. Theodor Tiron and Theodor Stratilat Church in the village of Dobarsko, which is a national monument of culture, left us rich with unforgettable memories. Our employees' stay at the town of Bansko was accompanied by fun games aimed at boosting team spirit and logical thought. Lots of entertainment, prizes and fun surprises contributed to the participants' high spirits.

In the evening distinguished employees were awarded deeds for their achievements in the implementation of their duties. And the best dancer shared their prize — a small sack of apples — with all co-workers.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

arte.doc Translation Agency would like to congratulate you on the forthcoming Christmas holidays and wish you a joyous New Year!

We wish you many joyful experiences, happy moments and that all your plans and dreams come true!

May these bright holidays pave the way to a new year in which health, happiness and successes are your constant companions!
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