Sign Language – be careful or you might get lost in translation (part two)

Here are two other of the most common gestures along with their meaning.

Made by using thumb and forefinger in the shape of the letter O, this gesture is mainly used in underwater diving to say they're OK, in countries like USA and UK this gesture is also used to say someone what a delicious meal they've made (you know it's rude to talk with your mouth full). There are however some countries, such as Brazil, Germany, as well as some of the Mediterranean countries where this sign is used to insult someone, calling them a 'zero' or the more cynical 'asshole' and even 'homosexual'.

The Horns
Expressed with a clenched fist with the forefinger and the pinky pointing up, this sign was first used by Black Sabbath's vocal Ronnie James Dio and hence became a symbol for rock and heavy metal music. One of the other meanings of this gesture became popular in the 60s, as a Satanic salute, though in Hinduism and Buddhism it is used to chase away evil (go figure!). The history of the gesture goes way back — to Ancient Greece, where it was used to say 'your wife is unfaithful'. This meaning is still rather popular in countries like Spain, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Greece, Albania, Brazil, and Colombia where it is particularly used to express opinion on the referees during football matches.

Well, now you know. Use them at your own risk and good luck :)

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