Arte.doc and Rotary — a long-term successful partnership

The members of Rotary International deserve to be proud that they work for the oldest non-profit organisation in the world, uniting people from different nationalities and cultures in the name of a common goal — selfless service for the well-being of people and spreading peace and good intentions all over the world.

Today Rotary International includes more than 34 300 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical regions and is a global network of business and profession leaders. The Rotary members have chosen to dedicate voluntarily their time and competences to serve their communities and the world through providing humanitarian aid, applying and spreading high ethical standards in all professions and supporting the ideal of serving the community as a worthy initiative.

Translation and localization company arte.doc, which is a company dedicated to the social and environmental cause and develops its own policy in these two areas, has created a beneficial cooperation with the Rotary clubs in Bulgaria and all over the world which produces more and more results in the course of time and the benefits enjoy high visibility in society.

The wide range of projects, initiatives and campaigns in which we participate jointly and implement successfully, includes providing social support to children deprived of parental care, providing education grants for disadvantaged young people, promoting awareness about eating disorders, collecting and granting books to school libraries, planting trees in school yards and many others.

When we work together, we work better. And serving jointly to fulfill ideas which benefit society makes us stronger and more certain that kindness and humanity can be spread everywhere and at all times.

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